Hi There!

Welcome to 2truemushroom.

My name is Niruna and I am the one and only writer of this blog.

I am currently a 21 year old Mechatronics (Mechanical Engineering) student at the University of Southampton, in my final year of my Masters degree. My friends call me by a number of names, but I decided to use my nickname Mushroom for this blog.

This nickname is one that was given to me during high school, because the shape of my hair used to resemble a mushroom (exhibit A). It has stuck ever since.


Exhibit A (Dec 2012)

I talk about a wide range of topics on my blog, but I will briefly introduce the main categories below.

I write about my life quite openly on here. My experiences, friendships and relationship, adventures, thoughts and feelings – I like being able to express myself and share my perception of the world. I have been diagnosed with depression, so this is a topic I openly discuss on my blog, in the hope that my experiences may aid those who are also suffering and be an eye-opener to those who aren’t very informed about mental health issues.

I have a  ‘Daily Shorts’ series, where I try to post a short blog every day about a random topic or thought that has emerged during my day. I hope it is a window into my day to day life, and the emotions, people, incidents and challenges I encounter.

I also like writing about topics that intrigue me. I like to research about them, give my take on them, and am open to suggestions if there’s anything you want me to look into. I have written a couple of blogs which are full of tips and advice I swear by, and I will be writing more of these types of blogs in the future.

I have a passion for dance, especially street dance, and I occasionally write about my dance journey – workshops, competitions, struggles, choreographies etc. I started dancing properly about 3 years ago, when I started university, and my love for it and opportunities regarding it have grown since.

I started blogging just over 3 years ago, and recently have been interested in writing creatively. Under the My Creations heading (when you hover over the My Words link in the menu), you will find a collection of short stories and poems I have written. There is still a lot that needs to be improved with my creative writing, but practice makes perfect and I hope to improve over time.